Saturday, January 4, 2014


Round One

1. Houston Texans - Jadaveon Clowney OLB/DE (South Carolina)

2. St. Louis Rams - Jake Matthews OT (Texas A + M)

3. Jacksonville Jaguars - Teddy Bridgewater QB (Louisville)

4. Cleveland Browns - Brett Hundley QB (UCLA)

5. Oakland Raiders - Blake Bortles QB (UCF)

6. Atlanta Falcons - Anthony Barr OLB/DE (UCLA)

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - C.J. Mosley MLB (Alabama)

8. Minnesota Vikings - Johnny Manziel QB (Texas A + M)

9. Buffalo Bills - Khalil Mack OLB/DE (Buffalo)

10. Detroit Lions - Sammy Watkins WR (Clemson)

11. Tennessee Titans - Kony Ealy DE (Missouri)

12. New York Giants - Darqueze Dennard CB (Michigan State)

13. St. Louis Rams - Haha Clinton-Dix S (Alabama)

14. Chicago Bears - Justin Gilbert CB (Oklahoma State)

15. Pittsburgh Steelers - Cameron Erving OT (Florida State)

16. Dallas Cowboys - Louis Nix DT (Notre Dame)

17.  Baltimore Ravens - Mike Evans WR (Texas A + M)

18. New York Jets - Eric Ebron TE (North Carolina)

19. Miami Dolphins - Cedric Ogbuehi OT (Texas A + M)

20. Arizona Cardinals - Taylor Lewan OT (Michigan)

21. Green Bay Packers - Stephon Tuitt DE/DT (Notre Dame)

22. San Diego Chargers - Jason Verrett CB (TCU)

23. Philadelphia - RaShede Hageman DE/DT (Minnesota)

24. Kansas City Chiefs - Brandin Crooks WR (Oregon)

25. Cincinnati Bengals - Ryan Shazier OLB (Ohio State)

26. Cleveland Browns - Kelvin Benjamin WR (Florida State)

27. New Orleans Saints - Antonio Richardson OT (Tennessee)

28. San Francisco 49ers - Ifo Ekpre-Olomu CB (Oregon)

29. New England Patriots - Jace Amaro TE (Texas Tech)

30. Carolina Panthers - Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE (Washington)

31. Denver Broncos - Trent Murphy DE (Stanford)

32. Seattle Seahawks - Dominique Easley DT (Florida)

Round Two

33. Houston Texans - Derek Carr QB (Fresno State)

34. Washington Redskins - Bradley Roby CB (Ohio State)

35. Cleveland Browns - Bishop Sankey RB (Washington)

36. Oakland Raiders - Zach Marting OG/OT (Notre Dame)

37. Atlanta Falcons - Cyril Richardson OG/OT (Baylor)

38. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Jack Mewhort OT (Ohio State)

39. Jacksonville Jaguars - Lache Seastruck RB (Baylor)

40. Minnesota Vikings - Gabe Jackson OG (Mississippi State)

41. Buffalo Bills - C.J. Freidorowicz TE (Iowa)

42. Tennessee Titans - Lamarcus Joyner CB (Florida State)

43. New York Giants - James Hurst OT (North Carolina)

44. St. Louis Rams - Ego Ferguson DT (LSU)

45. Detroit Lions - Travis Swanson C (Arkansas)

46. Pittsburgh Steelers - Allen Robinson WR (Penn State)

47. Dallas Cowboys - Dion Bailey S (USC)

48. Baltimore Ravens - Tyler Lawson C (Utah State)

49. New York Jets - Jordan Matthews WR (Vanderbilt)

50. Miami Dolphins - Anthony Steen OG (Alabama)

51. Chicago Bears - Aaron Donald DT (Pittsburgh)

52. Arizona Cardinals - Zach Mettenberger QB (LSU)

53. Green Bay Packers - Chris Borland ILB (Wisconsin)

54. San Diego Chargers - Kyle Van Noy OLB/DE (BYU)

55. Philadelphia Eagles - Vic Beasley OLB/DE (Clemson)

56. San Francisco - Odell Beckman Jr. WR (LSU)

57. Indianapolis Colts - Brandon Coleman WR (Rutgers)

58. New Orleans Saints - Marcus Roberson CB (Florida)

59. Cincinnati Bengals - Loucheiz Purifoy CB (Fflorida)

60. San Francisco 49ers - Tre Mason RB (Auburn)

61. Carolina Panthers - DeVante Parker WR (Louisville)

62. New England Patriots - Kyle Fuller CB (Virginia Tech)

63. Denver Broncos - Christian Jones ILB (Florida State)

64. Seattle Seahawks - Jackson Jeffcoat DE (Texas)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How College Failed Me

How College Failed Me
By: Vincent Monteleone

I’m not a psychiatrist; I’m not a psychologist; hell I’m not even a writer; I’m just a regular guy who has a regular guy’s opinion.  As a kid you could dream anything and truly believed that one-day in the real distant future when you grew up that you could achieve that goal. Unfortunately we then actually grow up and “reality” sets in, you get to do one crappy job that you went to college for till you retire or die, whichever comes first.  Only a very lucky few get to hit homeruns or score touchdowns to pay the bills.  The overwhelming majority of us are forced to, as Tyler Durden in the movie Fight Club put so elegantly, “Work jobs we hate to buy shit we don’t need.”

In high school we are pressured by college advisors to decide what we want to be for the rest of our lives at 16-17 years old, this way we could pick the school that would in turn determine our futures.  We would hopefully get into this school by how well we did on some four-hour test, that tests you on exactly zero things that will matter in the real world.

Now suppose you are one of the lucky ones who scores high enough to get into the college you want to attend.  Being accepted into the college allows you the privilege to send them tens of thousands of dollars per semester for the honor to go to their school.  The money you spend on tuition is an investment into your future, but this investment does not guarantee you a single thing.  If you brought the investment of a college education into the shark tank Mr. Wonderful would laugh in your face and say “But how am I going to make my money back?"

         Society makes us believe that only people who receive college degrees can be "successful" and get a good job.  Tell society that you are supposed to be successful when you have six figures worth of debt and are underemployed.  Can you ask for a refund on your tuition?  Can you get the four years, and in some cases more, added back on to your life? That is what we call opportunity cost which is never properly taught through the many years of education we are put through before we are lucky enough to go to college.

Opportunity cost is simple it is what you need to give up in order to do something else.  For example you can work at McDonalds full time for $7.75 an hour for four years or go to college for $25,000 a year.  One will earn you $64,480 and the other with cost you $100,000.  That means your opportunity cost to go to college over working in McDonalds is $164,480. And who knows within that four years you might work your way up to assistant manager.

         In all seriousness a 16-17 year old doesn’t look at it as a business decision or as in the example above a $164,480 decision, because they aren’t trained to think that way.  You know why they don’t think that way, because they were never taught the concept of money.  Sure they know that a pack of cigarettes cost $12, but they’ll still buy a loosey from someone for $1 without knowing they are giving that person an amazing 67% return on their investment. 

Phrases like opportunity cost and return on investment will draw you a blank stare from the vast majority of high schoolers.  If you ask them what they expect the principle on their student loan for college to be they will be confused as to what their principal has to do with their student loan.  It seems right that when people are about to take out what most likely will be the second biggest loan of their life, that they have no idea about money and how it works.  They don’t know simple things like what compounding interest is and the difference it makes whether your loan compounds bimonthly or monthly. 

You all heard your parents and grandparents say it to you, go to school study hard get good grades so that one day you can get a good job.  The goal for everyone who goes to school is that when you are finally done going to school you can get a good job.  Regardless of what this job is or what field it is in this job will pay you money.  All the while kids can understand Pythagorean theorem and tell you that the c in a^2 + b^2 = c^2 is the hypotenuse, but they have not the slightest idea of what a 1031 exchange is and the tax benefits it provides.

I realized this one day upon getting close to graduating college when the safety net of being a student was about to be ripped out from under me; I haven’t been taught anything tangible that I can take with me to one day be a better man, better husband and better father.  That’s a horrible feeling to be feeling upon completing the supposed biggest accomplishment of one’s life.  I was then a pissed off college student and am now a pissed off college graduate.

The day I became a pissed off college student was during my last core class which was a science class.  I was zoning out thinking about how this stuff will never apply to me and how real little I knew about the real world and how to get ahead.  I was thinking about getting caught in a life living paycheck to paycheck and how would I ever make enough money.  I knew very little about money and how it works and I went to a school known for business and was graduating with a business degree.

I skipped my next class and walked to Barnes and Noble and made a pledge that I am going to spend most of my free time self-educating myself.  So I picked up a book titled “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki and couldn’t put it down.  “Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn” was a quote from the book.  That day was the biggest learning experience of my life, college teaches you how to be an employee not the boss.  College teaches you how to be a good soldier wake up early go to work put your 8 hours plus in and go home.  Get your paycheck spend the whole thing on a house, lease payments of cars you can’t afford and designer clothes.  You want more money work harder and make your boss more money and maybe you will be lucky enough to get a raise for a fraction of what you made him.

College specializes you into one small field and turns you into something that you must be for the rest of your life.  For example, if you go to school to be an accountant you are an accountant till the end of time.  You can’t just decide to be a teacher in a few years, you made your decision on what you would be when you were in high school.  But I thought college promised to make you a well-rounded individual? I did too. 

It actually did the exact opposite by specializing you into a distinct industry.  Instead of teaching you a little about a lot, it taught you a lot about a little.  Knowledge is power they say, correct, yet it is one of the easiest resources to obtain.  I am not an accountant yet I just hire an accountant to help keep my books in order and I have the knowledge of accountancy for a small percentage of what those accounts earn.  Having computer trouble I just hire a computer technician to help me with that.  If I want to know about anything, I can just pick up a book that someone else spent years researching on and read it in a week and have the same knowledge as them.  The most important knowledge you can have is knowing when to inquire the services of someone who knows more than you do.

Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance allows you to be taken advantage of and put into a never-ending cycle of never getting ahead.  People think that money is the answer to their money problems, but that is not true, “Money without financial intelligence, is money soon gone” – (Robert T. Kiyosaki). There is a reason why people who hit the lottery or get drafted in the NBA lottery go broke; because they have no idea how to handle the large amounts of money they receive due to ignorance.

The school system has failed us all; sure I am smarter and became smarter with each year of schooling but in what?  I put in countless hours of studying in Chemistry, Calculus and Shakespeare in the hopes of becoming what every college promises “a well rounded individual”.  School has failed me and continues to fail us all and keep us stuck in the middle class that gets further and further away from the rich. 

Think about it, who was the last big success that graduated college?  Bill Gates?  Steve Jobs?  Mark Zuckerberg?  Jenny Craig?  Michael Dell?  Ray Kroc? Henry Ford?  Walt Disney?  Andrew Carnegie?  They all did not graduate from college and I think they turned out okay.  Thomas Edison founder of a company that we all know today, General Electric, also did not graduate from college.  He was even called dumb and thought to be stupid by many of his teachers growing up. 

School takes the individuality out of us and makes us believe that mistakes are bad and that we are stupid for making them.  The greatest inventions in our lifetime have come from someone making mistake after mistake and learning from it.  We all learned how to ride a bike by making mistakes.  No one was taught to ride a bike.  There is no book you can read that will teach you how to ride a bike.  You simply need to make mistake after mistake until you finally learn how to ride a bike. 

Making mistakes and learning from them is what makes us human and brings out the best in each and everyone of us.  College teaches from the book and turns you into someone that doesn’t think outside the box because it is frowned upon.  Some of the best businesses came from outside the box thinking, but us college graduates will never be the owner of those businesses.  We will be stuck working for those outside the box thinkers for a modest wage and counting our pennies till the day we die because that is what college taught us to do.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jets Draft Results

After OTAs we have a little bit of a better idea of how and why the Jets selected the players they selected and what their impact can potentially be this season and moving foward. The Jets entered the draft with a ton of needs which they could not address in one draft, but did a good job plugging holes. The only real surprise was the Jets not spending a single selection on a linebacker or a safety. Let's get into a pick by pick breakdown of each Jet selection from the 2013 draft.

Round 1 pick 9 - Dee Milliner CB (Alabama)
My initial reaction to this pick wasn't good as I was still one of those Jet fans mad that the team traded the best cornerback (when healthy) away, but have really grown to like this selection. The Jets stayed true to their board and took the best player available as it could be argued that the team had more pressing needs. The NFL isn't the same league it was as short as five years ago and the nickel defense is quickly becoming the new base defense around the league. Having spread formations take over actually devalues the cornerback position in a way that having just one shutdown cornerback at $16m isn't a good idea because he can only cover one guy. The Jets would find this out year after year as even with Revis shutting down one of the wide receivers on the Patriots, Tom Brady was still able to find other options. Dee Milliner may never turn into as good of a cornerback as Darrelle Revis but few cornerbacks if any ever will. The fact is that he has the ability to be 1 and 1A with Antonio Cromartie sooner rather than later and as long as his recovery from surgery on a torn labrum doesn't hold him back in training camp he will keep the inconsistent Kyle Wilson in the slot and out of the starting lineup from day one.

Round 1 pick 13 - Sheldon Richardson DL (Missouri)
Just like with the Milliner selection my intial reaction to this pick wasn't a very good one, but with the news the Quinton Coples is going to make the transition to outside linebacker this pick now makes a lot more sense. Sheldon Richardson was one of my favorite players before the draft and I couldn't understand why Shariff Floyd was getting so much more pre-draft love than him. Richardson gives the Jets the ability to have a Geno Atkins type interior rusher which is very important in the new pass happy league. The Jets have been experimenting with Richardson at nose tackle in OTAs and while he isn't the traditional space eating run clogging nose tackle of old he can be effective shooting the gap and getting his hands into the QBs face. The reason I think the Jets are lining him up at nose tackle is they may be planning on Kenrick Ellis at defensive end in front of newly signed outside linebacker Antwan Barnes in order to have a stout run defender in front of a weak one. I believe Richardson has the ability to be an 8+ sack a year guy as an interior rusher and allowing Coples to become an exterior rusher gives him 12+ sack a year potential. It us up to Rex Ryan to harness this potential and translate it into production much like he has done with Muhammad Wilkerson.

Round 2 pick 39 - Geno Smith QB (West Virginia)
The Jets were interested in taking Geno Smith as high as #13 so they had to be ecstatic to see him still on the board when it was their turn to pick in the 2nd round. Geno Smith was, in my opinion, the best quarterback in this draft class and it was really shocked that he slid down as far as he did due to his immense potential. He was a superior prospect to Ryan Tannehill, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder all of whom were selected in the top 12 the last two years. Geno Smith brings the accuracy that Mark Sanchez has never displayed and is a perfect fit for the West Coast Offense the Jets plan to run this upcoming season. Geno Smith may have a tough time early on in transitioning to the pros as he doesn't have the best supporting cast, but compares similarily to a Donovan McNabb type player after the growing pains are through. Smith isn't going to run like RG3 but has the ability to pick up first downs with his legs when it is avaialable.

Round 3 pick 72 - Brian Winters OG (Kent State)
The Jets lost both their starting guards from last season and only brought in veteran stopgaps in Willie Colon and Stephen Peterman on one year deals. Brian Winters played left and right tackle while at Kent State he is seen as the future at one of the guard spots for the Jets. It may take an injury to Colon or Peterman to get him in the starting lineup early on in his rookie year, but he has the ability to be a quality pro as both a mauler in the run game as well as in pass protection.

Round 4 pick 106 - Chris Ivory RB (New Orleans Saints)
I think this is a great trade for the Jets as there were no running backs available at this point in the draft that were better than Chris Ivory. It never made sense as to why New Orleans has been so reluctant to use Ivory as he produced whenever given the opportunity. Over his three years with the Saints he has amassed 1,307 yards on 256 carries for a 5.1 yard per carry average and 8 touchdowns. The Jets will plan to give Ivory at least 250 carries this season and should feel confident in his ability to produce over 1,200 yards. Ivory also has pretty good hands, but due to Pierre Thomas and Darren Sproles presence on the roster he never got to display them. For the price of a 4th round pick the Jets are getting a potential workhorse back who can contribute around the goal line as well as be a decent receiving threat out of the backfield.

Round 5 pick 141 - O'Day Aboushi OT (West Virginia)
O'Day Aboushi was seen as a potential second round pick prior to the season as scouts believed he had the ability to be a starting left tackle at the next level. The reason he fell in the draft was the belief that he wouldn't be able to handle playing on the left side in the pros and would have to make it as a right tackle or even move inside to guard. The Jets plan with Aboushi most likely is to have him as a depth player that can be a swing tackle and even help out at guard when injuries happen over the course of a season. There is potential that one day he can be the starting right tackle if things do not work out with Austin Howard.

Round 6 pick 178 - William Campbell OG (Michigan)
William Campbell played defensive tackle for Michigan last season but the Jets have plans to move him to the offensive side of the ball to guard. I think this pick was rather overkill as I know o-line improvement was a big need for the Jets but spending 3 selections on the o-line seems like a bit much, especially with a practice squad project player. In my opinion the selection could of been used on other need positions where there were still quality prospects available, in particular, safety Baccari Rambo, wide receiver Cobbi Hamilton, wide receiver Darrick Rodgers and outside linebacker Michael Buchanon.

Round 7 pick 215 - Tommy Bohanon FB (Wake Forest)
It is hard to get excited over a full back and like with the Campbell selection I feel the Jets could have addressed those need positions I mentioned earlier. I'd feel much better about this class have the Jets had selected either Baccari Rambo or Cobbi Hamilton in the sixth round and one of Darrick Rodgers or Michael Buchanon in the seventh round. The Jets could use an upgrade at full back as Lex Hilliard is barely an average player at this point in his career, but the truth is that the full back position is quickly on its way out of the league. Multiple tight end offenses are taking the place of the traditional full back when they flex one of the tight ends into the backfield to serve as that traditional blocker. There are some reports that the Jets see Bohanon as a h-back type similar to the role James Casey played for the Texans last year, in which would make me like this selection a lot more.

The Jets had a very solid draft and could net five immediate starters in Dee Milliner, Sheldon Richardson, Geno Smith, Chris Ivory and Brian Winters. The Early reports from these players are positive making this a possible big step in the right direction for the organization. The most important pick is Geno Smith, if he reaches his full potential early on in his career the rebuilding process will be sped up. The late round picks have the potential to be quality depth players with Bohanon being a king of sort of starter if he beats out Lex Hilliard in camp. The Jets could quite possibly be one more solid draft away from getting back into contention all depending on how Geno Smith develops.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Super Bowl Hangover (3 round Mock)

Round One

1. Kansas City Chiefs - Geno Smith QB (West Virginia)
Geno Smith is not a Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin type prospect but neither was Cam Newton and Carolina would be kicking themselves if they had passed on him. The last time a team passed on a QB who wasn't deemed "worthy" of the #1 pick was in 2008 when the Miami Dolphins passed on Matt Ryan and allowed  the Falcons to get their franchise back on track. Love or hate Geno Smith as a prospect it is a bigger risk for the Chiefs to pass on him than taking a QB "unworthy" of the top pick. A lot of people are calling for Luke Joeckel to go here, in my opionion that is a lateral move though he might be better than current free agent LT Branden Albert it is not a significant upgrade that will translate into more wins.
*Alternative - Luke Joeckel OT*
2. Jacksonville Jaguars - Star Lotulelei DT (Utah)
Jacksonville claimed Jason Babin off waivers and has Jeremy Mincey who they signed to an extension last season, as well last year's 2nd rd pick Andre Branch all at DE; yet I still wouldn't be shocked if they selected a DE at #2. Instead of a DE they should focus on a monster interior player who can draw double teams while playing well against both the rush and rushing the passer. With Star Lotulelei causing so much attention on the inside it will give the underachieving Jaguar DEs more favorable match ups and a good chance at improving their production.
*Alternative - Bjoern Werner DE*
3. Oakland Raiders - Bjoern Werner DE (Florida State)
The Raiders are going to need to remake their D-Line with DTs Richard Seymour and Desmond Bryant becoming free agents as well as DT Tommy Kelly likely becoming a cap casualty. Bjoern Werner is a DE that can anchor a D-Line with his ability to both defend the run well and get after the QB. With the addition of Werner, 6-3 300 lb DE Lamarr Houston can move inside to DT his more natural position.
*Alternative - Dee Milliner CB*
4. Philadelphia Eagles - Luke Joeckel OT (Texas A + M)
The Eagles O-Line was one of the worst in the NFL last year and while getting Jason Peters and Todd Herremans back will help, they still need to add some young talent. By adding Luke Joeckel him or Peters can lockdown the blindside while the other plays RT moving Herremans back inside to OG.
*Alternative - Dee Milliner CB*
5. Detroit Lions - Damontre Moore DE (Texas A + M)
Kyle Vanden Bosch has already been released and it's likely that Cliff Avril will be the next one to leave, leaving the cupboard bare at DE. Damontre Moore would be an upgrade over both KVB and Avril lining up on the outside of stud DTs Nick Fairley and Ndamukong Suh.
*Alternative - Dee Milliner CB*
6. Cleveland Browns - Dion Jordan DE/OLB (Oregon)
Whether or not Cleveland plays more 3-4 or sticks to the 4-3 under new defensive coordinator Ray Horton they still need to add a premier edge rusher. Dion Jordan is a freak of an athlete who played all over the field for the Ducks and would fit well as an edge rusher in Horton's hybrid 3-4/4-3 defense.
*Alternative - Chance Warmack OG*
7. Arizona Cardinals - Eric Fisher OT (Central Michigan)
You don't need to be a scout to know that Arizona needs upgrades all over their O-Line and have to take Eric Fisher if he is still on the board at this point. Arizona may also consider trading up to #3 to leapfrog the Eagles to take Luke Joeckel, but in my opinion Fisher is a better value at #7 since they won't need to give up any draft picks that trading up would involve while still be able to acquire a LT.
*Alternative - Chance Warmack OG* 
8. Buffalo Bills - Cordarelle Patterson WR (Tennessee)
Bills GM Buddy Nix said he intends on bringing in a franchise QB but that doesn't mean he is going to reach for one of the many 2nd/3rd round QB prospects. Instead the Bills should look at giving whoever their eventual QB of the future is some reliable targets to throw to as currently they only have Stevie Johnson. Cordarelle Patterson is a physical freak who should take over the #1 WR role from Stevie Johnson sooner rather than later and give the Bills an ofensive playmaker that they desperately need.
*Alternative - Mike Glennon QB*
9. New York Jets - Ezekial Ansah DE/OLB (BYU)
The Jets have needed a dominant outside rusher since they traded John Abraham to the Falcons in 2006. The need is even more glaring with Bryan Thomas and Calvin Pace unlikely returning. Ezekial Ansah has all the atheltic ability in the world and really showed his potential at the Senior Bowl being one of the most dominant players on the field, showing up strong against the run and rushing the passer. Ansah can be the outside rusher the Jets have needed for a long time adding another dimension to the Jets defense as interior rushers Quinton Coples and Muhammed Wilkerson continue to improve in their 2nd and 3rd seasons.
*Alternative - Kenny Vaccaro S*
10. Tennessee Titans - Dee Milliner CB (Alabama)
The Titans made the wrong decision last offseason to use their franchise tag on S Michael Griffin instead of on CB Cortland Finnegan and it resulted in one of the worst pass defenses in the league. The Titans were reportedly hoping either Stephon Gilmore or Dre Kirkpatrick fell to them at #20 last year but that wasnt the case, they recitfy that by taking Dee Milliner here. Milliner can be the pesky #1 CB they miss, with Finnegan now playing in St. Louis, tracking #1 WRs all over the field.
*Alternative - Chance Warmack OG*
11. San Diego Chargers - Alec Ogletree ILB (Georgia)
Takeo Spikes is 36 and owed a non guaranted $3 million for next season making him likely to be cut as a cap casualty. Don't be shocked to see Alec Ogletree get drafted over his teamate Jarvis Jones as it is a real possibility due to the latter's spinal stenosis coupled with teams' needs for good coverage LBs to matchup with the new breed of atheltic TEs in the league. Ogletree should be a day one starter and show his playmaking ability early especially in coverage.
*Alternative - Lane Johnson OT*
12. Miami Dolphins - Barkevious Mingo DE (LSU)
The Dolphins will need a new DT with Randy Starks set for free agency, one way they can rectify that is by drafting a DE and moving Jared Ordrick from DE to DT where he fits better in the 4-3. Barkevious Mingo has a high ceiling but also a low floor he can be the next Aldon Smith but could also be the next Aaron Maybin. Miami would be well served using him as a pass rush specialist, like Bruce Irvin, before using him every down.
*Alternative - Keenan Allen WR*
13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Kenny Vaccaro S (Texas)
The Buccaneers should take the best DB available not limited to CB, as Johnthan Banks, Xavier Rhodes and Desmond Trufant are all reaches at this point. While it is usually odd for teams to go back to back years selecting safeties in the 1st rd if the draft plays out like this the Bucs would be wise to do so. Kenny Vaccaro and Mark Barron can form a deadly tandom as both can play FS or SS and Vaccaro can even play some slot CB, giving Tampa Bay a bunch of options in their back 7.
*Alternative - Johnthan Banks CB*
14. Carolina Panthers - Sheldon Richardson DT (Missouri)
The Panthers allowed RBs week after to week to look like all-pros as their DTs were the weakest starting duo in the NFL. Sheldon Richardson is going to be a demon on the inside in the pros and would go much higher than this if it wasn't for team needs. Some are comparing his interior pass rush skills to Warren Sapp while that praise is extremly high and hard to live up to I can see him being a similar player to Geno Atkins, giving Carolina one of the best young D-Lines with incumbent DEs Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy.
*Alternative - Jarvis Jones OLB*
15. New Orleans Saints - Jarvis Jones DE/OLB (Georgia)
The Saints have hired a new defensive coordinator in Rob Ryan and will be switching to the 3-4 on defense. Their 3 man front should be set with Cameron Jordan, Broderick Bunkley and Akiem Hicks it's the back 7 that posses the most questions especially at rush LB. The Saints have two potential rush LBs on their roster in Junior Galette and Martez Wilson but none were drafted highly or a lock to succeed. New Orleans should stop Jarvis Jones' fall as he is a top 5 player in this draft and hope to get a potential steal.
*Alternative - Lane Johnson OT*
16. St. Louis Rams - Chance Warmack OG (Albama)
This is the lowest I can see Chance Warmack going and the Rams should run to the podium to hand in their draft card if he is on the board. While St. Louis has a bigger need at OT taking Oklahoma's Lane Johnson over Warmack would be a mistake, as the latter has a legitimate chance to be an all-pro as a rookie.
 *Alternative - Lane Johnson OT*
17. Pittsburgh Steelers - Johnathan Hankins NT (Ohio State)
Casey Hampton is old and a free agent and can no longer be relied upon to be a starter at this point in his career. Johnathan Hankins draft stock has slipped since being billed as a potential top 5 pick and the Steelers can be the perfect team to harness his massive potential. Hankins won't make it out of the top 20 due to the fact that there are only a few human beings that are as atheltic at his size.
*Alternative - Alex Okafor DE/OLB*
18. Dallas Cowboys - Shariff Floyd DT (Florida)
The Cowboys are switching to the 4-3 under Monte Kiffin and already had a big need at DT, before Jay Ratliff decided to drive drunk, and may have a bigger one if this causes his release. Sharrif Floyd can be the first building block to the Cowboy's new D-Line who may only have DE DeMarcus Ware as a holdover.
*Alternative - Johnathan Cooper OG/C* 
19. New York Giants - Lane Johnson OT (Oklahoma)
The Giants O-Line used to be one of the teams biggest strengths but all their starters, except for free agent LT Will Beatty, are all over the age of 30. Lane Johnson is unlikely to make it out of the top 20 after his impressive senior bowl and the fact that he has so much untapped potential. The ideal scenario for the Giants would be to resign Beatty and play him or Johnson at either LT or RT and send David Diehl to the bench where he belongs or possibly even the waiver wire.
*Alternative - Zach Ertz TE*
20. Chicago Bears - Zach Ertz TE (Stanford)
The Chicago Bears will hope the franchis tag doesn't diminish a strong OT free agency class that potentially includes Ryan Clady, Branden Albert, Jake Long, Will Beatty and Andre Smith. With the nice amount of cap room the Bears posses I would imagine they would secure a starter in free agency instead of keeping their fingers crossed that one makes it to pick 20. Instead the Bears can focus on giving Jay Cutler another playmaker on offense whose name isn't Brandon Marshall. Zach Ertz can be a much needed seem stretcher for the Bears and give Cutler a legitimate option to go to when Marshall is double teamed.
*Alternative - Johnathan Cooper OG/C*
21. Cincinatti Bengals - Keenan Allen WR (California)
Andy Dalton is more a game manager in the mold of a Matt Hasselbeck than a put the team on his back make everyone around him better type of guy. Adding as many weapons on offense would be in the Bengals' best interest as it would maximize Dalton's ability. Mohammed Sanu and Andrew Hawkins are good #3/4 type WRs but that really is all they will be, Keenan Allen has the ability to be 1A to A.J. Green and at the worst should be a really good #2 WR.
*Alternative - Manti Te'O ILB*
22. St. Louis Rams - John Jenkins DT (Georgia)
The Rams drafted Michael Brockers in the 1st rd and signed Kendall Langford as a free agent last year  hoping to lock down the DT position for the next couple of years, but the latter disappointed. John Jenkins is a player just like Johnathan Hankins that has some question marks surrounding him but at the end of the day only a few human beings can move this well at that size. Jenkins can add talent to a stacked D-Line for Jeff Fisher and allow him to rotate more frequently due to the added depth.
*Alternative - Matt Elam S*
23. Minnesota Vikings - Manti Te'o ILB (Notre Dame)
The Vikings have a big need at WR and it could become even bigger with the reports that they are shopping Percy Harvin, still they are not forced to take a WR at this point. There is a strong crop of free agent WRs and they can also use the compensation they receive if they deal Harvin to address the position. Whether you believe Manti Te'o got duped in his fake girlfriend scandal or not doesn't matter he is still one heck of a football player. Te'o has the ability to be a 3 down player at the next level as he showed great coverage ability with his 7 ints last seson.
*Alternative - Kawann Short DT*
24. Indianapolis Colts - Johnathan Cooper OG/C (North Carolina)
The Colts need to improve their protection for franchise QB Andrew Luck as he was pressured almost every play at Baltimore in the playoffs. Johnathan Cooper is a bad man who may not be too far behind Chance Warmack in potential and is definetly worth a 1st rd selection regardless of his position. If Cooper and Warmack played OT instead of OG they would be locks for the top 10 with a potential to go top 5, that's how good they are.
*Alternative - Matt Elam S*
25. Seattle Seahawks - Deandre Hopkins WR (Clemson)
The Seahawks struck gold in the 3rd round with Russel Wilson and now need to improve the receiving options around him. Golden Tate and the oft-injured Sidney Rice should not be topping the depth chart and with the addition of Deandre Hopkins those days will be numbered. Hopkins is a big time play maker that could form a lethal combination with Wilson for the next decade.
*Alternative - Tyler Eifert TE*
26. Green Bay Packers - Kawann Short DE/DT (Purdue)
The Packers spent almost all of their picks on defense last season and still need to continue adding talent on that side of the ball. Their D-Line relies too much on B.J. Raji and it forced Green Bay to wear him out as the season went on which decreased his productivity. Kawann Short can bring a breath of fresh air to the D-Line as well as a pass rush essence that their 3 man line has been lacking.
*Alternative - Jesse Williams NT*
27. Houston Texans - Kevin Minter ILB (LSU)
The Texans defense really fell off after Brian Cushing tore his ACL against the Jets, cementing the fact that Bradie James is unreliable at ILB. Kevin Minter has been a standout in the middle of one of the best defense's in college football and would form an excellent starting duo with Brian Cushing.
*Alternative - Tavon Austin WR*
28. Denver Broncos - Desmond Trufant CB (Washington)
Champ Bailey is one of the all time great CBs but father time catches up to everyone as Torrey Smith showed us in the playoffs. Desmond Trufant will have some big shoes to fill when he eventually replaces Bailey but will benefit from playing accross from him to start out his career.
*Alternative - Alex Okafor DE*
29. New England Patriots - Matt Elam S (Florida)
Asuming CB Aqib Talib resigns, the Patriots have seemed to fix up their secondary by moving Devin McCourty to FS, CB Alfonzo Dennard into the starting lineup and CB Kyle Arrington into the slot, that is except for SS. Matt Elam is a hard hitting playmaker who should go higher than this but won't due to his small frame that is similar to Bob Sanders, Bill Bellicheck won't let him fall any further and completes his secondary.
*Alternative - Johnthan Banks CB*
30. Atlanta Falcons - Alex Okafor DE (Texas)
It's amazing that the Falcons won as many games as they did last season considering how many needs they have, and they can go a number of different directions with this selection. A DE is in my opinion the team's biggest need as they have nothin besides the soon to be 35 year old John Abraham. Alex Okafor can make a good tandem with Abraham in what could be his last season before taking over as the lead guy.
*Alternative - Tyler Eifert TE*
31. San Francisco 49ers - Tavon Austin WR (West Virginia)
The 49ers still have a big need at WR even after bringing in Randy Moss, Mario Maningham as free agents and drafting A.J. Jenkins in the 1st round. Moss and Manningham are most likely one and done in San Fran, while A.J. Jenkins showed nothing last year that would make you think he could contribute on a team with Super Bowl aspirations. Tavon Austin is a playmaker in the mold of Randall Cobb and could be the steal of the draft, he is perfect for the offense San Fran now runs with Colin Kaepernick at QB. Austin can line up in the slot, outside and also at RB and be a factor on read option plays. Tavon Austin will be the guy that half way through the season has everyone wondering how he made it down this far.
*Alternative - Jesse Williams NT*
32. Baltimore Ravens - Corey Lemonier DE/OLB (Auburn)
The Raves are going to have a lot of tough decisions this offseason on who to keep and who to let go as they try to re-sign Joe Flacco and maneuver around the salary cap.  One of Paul Kruger or Terrel Suggs will not be on the team next season leaving a big void at the hybrid DE/OLB positon. Corey Lemonier can help to fill the void but there is only so much he can do for a team that is going to be experiencing a lot of turnover on both sides of the ball.
*Alternative - Eric Reid S*

Round Two

33. Jacksonville Jaguars - Johnthan Banks CB (Mississippi State)
Prev Pick - Star Lotulelei DT
34. Kansas City Chiefs - Tyler Eifert TE (Notre Dame)
Prev Pick - Geno Smith QB
35. Philadelphia Eagles - Jesse Williams NT (Alabama)
Prev Pick - Luke Joeckel OT
36. Detroit Lions - Sam Montgomery DE (LSU)
Prev Pick - Damontre Moore DE
37. Cincinatti Bengals - Barret Jones C (Alabama)
Prev Pick - Keenan Allen WR
38. Arizona Cardinals - E.J. Manuel QB (Florida State)
Prev Pick - Eric Fisher OT
39. New York Jets - Eddie Lacey RB (Alabama)
Prev Pick - Ezekial Ansah DE/OLB
40. Tennessee Titans - Jonathan Cyprien S (Florida International)
Prev Pick - Dee Milliner CB
41. Buffalo Bills - Mike Glennon QB (N.C. State)
Prev Pick - Cordarelle Patterson WR
42. Miami Dolphins - Justin Hunter WR (Tennessee)
Prev Pick - Barkevious Mingo DE
43. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Xavier Rhodes CB (Florida State)
Prev Pick - Kenny Vaccaro S
44. Carolina Panthers - D.J. Fluker OT (Alabama)
Prev Pick - Sheldon Richardson DT
45. San Diego Chargers - Dallas Thomas OT/OG (Tennessee)
Prev Pick - Alec Ogletree ILB
46. St. Louis Rams - Eric Reid S (LSU)
Prev Pick - Chance Warmack OG, John Jenkins DT
47. Dallas Cowboys - Datone Jones DE (UCLA)
Prev Pick - Shariff Floyd DT
48. Pittsburgh Steelers - Terrance Williams WR (Baylor)
Prev Pick - Johnathan Hankins NT
49. New York Giants - Travis Fredericks OG/C (Wisconsin)
Prev Pick - Lane Johnson OT
50. Chicago Bears - Larry Warford OG (Kentucky)
Prev Pick - Zach Ertz TE
51. Washington Redskins - Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB (Connecticut)
Prev Pick - None
52. Minnesota Vikings - Robert Woods WR (USC)
Prev Pick - Manti Te'O ILB
53. Cincinatti Bengals - Arthur Brown OLB (Kansas State)
Prev Pick - Keenan Allen WR, Barret Jones C
54. Miami Dolphins - Jordan Reed TE (Florida)
Prev Pick - Barkevious Mingo DE, Justin Hunter WR
55. Green Bay Packers - Giovanni Bernard RB (North Carolina)
Prev Pick - Kawann Short DE/DT
56. Seattle Seahawks - Menelik Watson OT (Florida State)
Prev Pick - Deandre Hopkins WR
57. Houston Texans - Margus Hunt DE/DT (SMU)
Prev Pick - Kevin Minter ILB
58. Denver Broncos - Tank Carradine DE (Florida State)
Prev Pick - Desmont Trufant CB
59. New England Patriots - Sylvester Williams DT (North Carolina)
Prev Pick - Matt Elam S
60. Atlanta Falcons - Beenie Logan DT (LSU)
Prev Pick - Alex Okafor DE
61. San Francisco 49ers - Jamar Taylor CB (Boise State)
Prev Pick - Tavon Austin WR
62. Baltimore Ravens -  Phillip Thomas S (Fresno State)
Prev Pick - Corey Lemonier DE/OLB (Auburn)

Round Three

63. Kansas City Chiefs - Logan Ryan CB (Rutgers)
Prev Pick - Geno Smith QB, Tyler Eifert TE
64. Jacksonville Jaguars - Kyle Long OT/OG (Oregon)
Prev Pick - Star Lotulelei DT, Johnthan Banks CB
65. Detroit Lions - Alvin Bailey OG (Arkansas)
Prev Pick - Damontre Moore DE, Sam Montgomery DE
66. Oakland Raiders - Matt Barkley QB (USC)
Prev Pick - Bjoern Werner DE
67. Philadelphia Eagles - Tony Jefferson S (Oklahoma)
Prev Pick - Luke Joeckel OT, Jesse Williams NT
68. Cleveland Browns - Darius Slay CB (Mississippi State)
Prev Pick - Dion Jordan DE/OLB
69. Arizona Cardinals - David Quessenberry OG/C (San Jose State)
Prev Pick - Eric Fisher OT, E.J. Manuel QB
70. Tennessee Titans - Mike Gillislee RB (Florida)
Prev Pick - Dee Milliner CB, Jonathan Cyprien S
71. Buffalo Bills - Gavin Escobar TE (San Diego State)
Prev Pick - Cordarelle Patterson WR, Mike Glennon QB (N.C. State)
72. New York Jets - Brandon Jenkins DE/OLB (Florida State)
Prev Pick - Ezekial Ansah DE/OLB, Eddie Lacey RB
73. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Travis Kelce TE (Cincinatti)
Prev Pick - Kenny Vaccaro S, Xavier Rhodes CB
74. San Francisco 49ers - William Gholston DE/DT (Michigan State)
Prev Pick - Tavon Austin WR, Jamar Taylor CB
75. New Orleans Saints - T.J. McDonald S (USC)
Prev Pick - Jarvis Jones DE/OLB
76. San Diego Chargers - Brennan Williams OT (North Carolina)
Prev Pick - Alec Ogletree ILB, Dallas Thomas OT/OG
77. Miami Dolphins - Jordan Poyer CB (Oregon State)
Prev Pick - Barkevious Mingo DE, Justin Hunter WR, Jordan Reed TE
78. St. Louis Rams - David Bakhtiari OT (Colorado)
Prev Pick - Chance Warmack OG, John Jenkins DT, Eric Reid S
79. Pittsburgh Steelers - A.J. Klein ILB (Iowa State)
Prev Pick - Johnathan Hankins NT, Terrance Williams WR
80. Dallas Cowboys - Chris Faulk OT (LSU)
Prev Pick - Shariff Floyd DT, Datone Jones DE
81. New York Giants - Khaseem Greene OLB (Rutgers)
Prev Pick - Lane Johnson OT, Travis Frederick OG/C
82. Miami Dolphins - Justin Pugh OT/OG (Syracuse)
Prev Pick - Barkevious Mingo DE, Justin Hunter WR, Jordan Reed TE, Jordan Poyer CB
83. Minnesota Vikings - Quinton Patton WR (Louisiana Tech)
Prev Pick - Manti Te'O ILB, Robert Woods WR
84. Cincinatti Bengals - Andre Ellington RB (Clemson)
Prev Pick - Keenan Allen WR, Barret Jones C, Arthur Brown OLB
85. Washington Redskins - Bacarri Rambo S (Georgia)
Prev Pick - Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB
86. Indianapolis Colts - Brandon Williams NT (Missouri Southern)
Prev Pick - Johnathan Cooper OG/C
87. Seattle Seahwaks - Everette Dawkins DT (Florida State)
Prev Pick - Deandre Hopkins WR, Menelik Watson OT
88. Green Bay Packers - John Simon DE/OLB (Ohio State)
Prev Pick - Kawann Short DE/DT, Giovanni Bernard RB
89. Houston Texans - Markus Wheaton WR (Oregon State)
Prev Pick - Kevin Minter ILB, Margus Hunt DE/DT
90. Denver Broncos - Christine Michael RB (Texas A + M)
Prev Pick - Desmond Trufant CB, Tank Carradine DE
91. New England Patriots - Stedman Bailey WR (West Virginia)
Prev Pick - Matt Elam S, Sylvester Williams DT
92. Atlanta Falcons - Joseph Randle RB (Oklahoma State)
Prev Pick - Alex Okafor DE, Beenie Logan DT
93. San Francisco - Chase Thomas DE/OLB (Stanford)
Prev Pick - Tavon Austin WR, Jamar Taylor CB, William Gholston DE/DT
94. Baltimore Ravens - Jon Bostic ILB (Florida)
Prev Pick - Corey Lemonier DE/OLB, Phillip Thomas S

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mid Mock

Round One

1. Kansas City Chiefs - Geno Smith QB (West Virginia)
The Chiefs have a pretty talented roster on both sides of the ball but are being dragged down by their lack of talent at QB. Matt Cassel hasn't been the answer and Brady Quinn didn't save the day. Geno Smith is light years ahead of those two talent wise and could help the Chiefs contend as early as next season.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars - Matt Barkley QB (USC)
Blaine Gabbert is a sunk cost for the Jaguars as he looks as a mediocre backup at best and definitely is not a franchise QB. Matt Barkley is overrated just like other USC QBs before him, but the Jaguars have to roll the dice and bring in a big name QB as there is no way they can sell the fan base on another year of Gabbert.

3. Cleveland Browns - Jarvis Jones OLB (Georgia)
Jarvis Jones is a stud pass rusher than can be a Von Miller type OLB in Cleveland's 4-3. They need help at OLB and a pass rush specialist and they get both with this selection.

4. Carolina Panthers - Star Lotulelei DT (Utah)
The Panthers' need serious DT help as they severely lack talent there, Star Lotulelei would help solve that issue as many are comparing him to be a disruptive force similar to the Ravens' Haloti Ngata. Lotulelei will command attention in the interior leaving DEs Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy with more favorable match ups on the outside.

5. St. Louis Rams - Luke Joeckel OT (Texas A + M)
Wayne Hunter has started games at LT for the Rams which is as bad as it gets, if the team wants to get the most out of QB Sam Bradford they need to upgrade his protection. Luke Joeckel can step in right away and be an upgrade at LT and give Bradford the blindside protector that he so desperately needs.

6. Tennessee Titans - DeMarcus Milliner CB (Alabama)
The Titans made a mistake by choosing to franchise S Michael Griffin over CB Cortland Finnegan and their secondary has been a mess because of that. DeMarcus Milliner can replace what they lost when Finnegan left for St. Louis and give the Titans a chance at slowing down opposing #1 WRs.

7. Cincinnati Bengals - Bjoern Werner DE (Florida State)
At the end of the season DE Michael Johnson will be a free agent and his inconsistent play may lead to the Bengals choosing not to retain him. Bjoern Werner lived in the shadow of Brandon Jenkins, but now with Jenkins hurt he has proven that he doesn't need someone across from him drawing attention to be productive.

8. Oakland Raiders - Johnthan Banks CB (Mississippi State)
The Raiders are a team that could be looking for a QB early in the draft, but with the top two guys off the board they choose to go in a different direction. The Raiders have had so many injuries at the CB spot that they have been forced to play S Michael Huff out of position at CB. Johnthan Banks is a player that can take a Stephon Gillmore type rise to the top 10 and the Raiders select him with the hopes of getting the shutdown CB they haven't had since Nnamdi Asomugha left town.

9. Buffalo Bills - Tyler Wilson QB (Arkansas)
Since Ryan Fitzpatrick signed his 6 yr $59m extension he started looking like the Ryan Fitzpatrick of old instead. If the Bills want to have a chance at competing with the Patriots in the division they are going to need to upgrade the position. Tyler Wilson may not be worth a top 10 pick to some but could surprise people afterwards like Ryan Tannehill is currently doing in Miami.

10. Philadelphia Eagles - Johnathan Hankins DT (Ohio State)
The Eagles have talent everywhere but can't put it together on the field for some reason and will probably clean house of pricey veterans at the end of the season. Cullen Jenkins is one of those pricey veterans that might be shown the door leaving a hole next to last year's 1st round pick Fletcher Cox. Johnathan Hankins is a massive human being that can help clog up the middle next to Fletcher and also stay in the game on passing downs and be productive.

11. New York Jets - Damontre Moore DE/OLB (Texas A + M)
Back in 2008 the Jets thought they solved their pass rush problems by drafting Vernon Gholston and signing Calvin Pace, but that never came to fruition. The Jets are still looking for an outside pass-rusher to add to their newly acquired interior rushers, Quinton Coples and Mo Wilkerson, Damontre Moore who currently leads all of College Football in sacks, can bring that to the team. (I know Moore said he wants to return to school but after having a season like this I'm sure his advisors will urge him to leave since he is a fringe top 10 pick)

12. Dallas Cowboys - Barkevious Mingo DE/OLB (LSU)
Anthony Spencer is playing his final season as a Cowboy and that might not be a bad thing. Letting Spencer move on in free agency will allow Dallas to upgrade the position across from DeMarcus Ware. Barkevious Mingo has freakish athletic talent and has the potential to be adouble digit a year sack guy across from Ware.

13. New Orleans Saints - Sam Montgomery DE (LSU)
The Saints defense is about as bad as it gets and the quickest way to solve problems on defense is to improve your pass rush. Sam Montgomery will be an immediate upgrade over soon to be cap casualty Will Smith and should fit in nicely across from the improving Cameron Jordan.

14. St. Louis Rams - Chance Warmack OG (Alabama)
The Rams get serious about upgrading their O-Line and double dip with their two 1st round selections. Chance Warmack will be the next great interior O-Lineman to enter the league via a top-20 pick and these guys have been "can't miss" as of late.

15. Arizona Cardinals - Taylor Lewan OT (Michigan)
You don't have to be a scout to realize that the Cardinals need upgrades all over their O-Line. Taylor Lewan is the second best OT in this draft and is a necessary reach that Arizona has no choice but to make.

16. San Diego Chargers - Justin Hunter WR (Tennessee)
A lot of Vincent Jackson's success was credited to Phillip Rivers, this season he has showed that wasn't true. Justin Hunter would of been a top 10 pick had he not tore his ACL but he has been improving all season making him well worth the risk in the middle of the 1st round as a potential dominant WR.

17. Miami Dolphins - Keenan Allen WR (California)
The Dolphins foolishly gave away Brandon Marshall to Chicago and while Brain Hartline and Davone Bess are good WRs they aren't #1s. Keenan Allen can give Ryan Tannehill a go to guy that every QB loves to have.

18. Tamp Bay Buccaneers - Xavier Rhodes CB (Florida State)
The Bucs needed CB help before trading Aqib Talib to New England and the organization seems to address its biggest need in the 1st round year after year. Xavier Rhodes adds youth and talent to a defense that could be on the up and up sooner rather than later.

19. Detroit Lions - Alex Okafor DE (Texas)
With no DBs worthy of a pick at this time the Lions address their second biggest need, DE as Cliff Avril and Kyle VandenBosch most likely will not be with the team next season. Alex Okafor is a DE that is strong against the run and can bring it against the pass, he would fit in nicely on the outside of either DT Nick Fairley or Ndamukong Suh.

20. Minnesota Vikings - Matt Elam S (Florida)
The Vikings found a keeper last year in FS Harrison Smith and hope to have the same success with SS Matt Elam. Elam has great range and consistently makes plays all over the field whether defending the run or pass. Elam and Smith will form a dominant safety duo in the pass happy NFC North.

21. Seattle Seahawks - Tyler Eifert TE (Notre Dame)
Russell Wilson needs talented receivers and with no WRs worthy of a pick this high they select the best TE from this class. Tyler Eifert, while he is no Rob Gronkowski, is effective both as a blocker and receiver and should quickly become Russell Wilson's security blanket.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers - Manti Te'O ILB (Notre Dame)
Manti Te'O is a steal this late in the draft and the Steelers will pounce on him just like they did with OG David DeCastro last year. Te'O will be the next great LB for Pittsburgh and help make this defense feared once again especially with his rare coverage ability.

23. Indianapolis Colts - Johnathan Jenkins NT (Georgia)
The Colts did a real good job last April obviously by getting Andrew Luck but also giving him weapons in TE Coby Fleener, TE Dwayne Allen, WR T.Y. Hilton and RB Vick Ballard; now they focus on rebuilding the defense. It wouldn't be a bad idea for the Colts to select the best defensive player on the board regardless of position and in this case that player is Jenkins. Jenkins could anchor Indianapolis' 3-4 defense from the nose and make sure Shonn Greene doesn't look like a Hall of Famer next time they play the Jets.

24. Green Bay Packers - Sheldon Richardson DE/DT (Missouri)
Green Bay did a nice job adding talent to their defense in last years draft but they need to continue doing so. Sheldon Richardson would be a welcomed piece along the Packers' D-Line as his versatility will fit in well with Dom Capers' complex fronts.

25. Denver Broncos - C.J. Mosley MLB (Alabama)
We all know about Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil but the Broncos are still very weak in the middle of their defense. C.J. Mosley will add a new dimension of toughness to the interior of this Denver defense that is much needed.

26. New England Patriots - Dallas Thomas OG/OT (Tennessee)
The interior of the Patriots O-Line's play has slowed down over the years due to the players at the position getting older. Dallas Thomas will add much needed youth and physicality to the O-Line and the versatility that Bill Bellicheck loves in that he can also line up outside at OT.

27. New York Giants - Barrett Jones C/OG (Alabama)
The Giants O-Line always seems to play well when it matters most but it's time they invest a premium draft pick to the unit. Barrett Jones has played all over the line for the Crimson Tide and has Pro Bowl potential at C or either OG spots with the added bonus of being able to fill in at OT in the event of injuries.

28. San Francisco 49ers - Dion Jordan DE/OLB (Oregon)
San Fran has Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks, but Dion Jordan is far too good for them to let him fall any further. The 49ers can work Jordan in as a pass rush specialist, like they did with Smith, before he moves into a starting role.

29. Baltimore Ravens - Alec Ogleetree ILB (Georgia)
Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and sadly we mave have seen the end of future Hall Of Famer Ray Lewis with the injury he suffered this season. Alec Ogleetree may never reach Ray Lewis level, but few ever will, he will however be a stallworth in the middle of the defense.

30. Chicago Bears - Eric Fisher OT (Central Michigan)
J'Marcus Webb has a chance to be the starting LT for a potential Super Bowl champion, but he is far from a good player. The Bears need to get a blindside protector for Jay Cutler and take a chance on small school prospect Eric Fisher, whose ceiling is very high, but floor is also very low.

31. Houston Texans - Kawann Short DE/DT (Purdue)
Houston doesn't have very many needs so like San Fran they can select a player that shouldn't fall any further. Kawann Short is a penetrating D-Lineman that would fit in perfect at the five technique for the Texans across from stud J.J. Watt.

32. Atlanta Falcons - Giovani Bernard RB (North Carolina)
After watching Marcus Lattimore's gruesome injury Giovani Bernard will forgoe the rest of his eligibility and declare for the NFL draft. Bernard would be a perfect fit in Atlanta's high powered offense, as a tough between the tackles runner and also a pass catching option out of the backfield.

Round Two
33. Jacksonville Jaguars - Jonathan Cooper OG/C (North Carolina)
34. Kansas City Chiefs - Robert Woods WR (USC)
35. Carolina Panthers - David Amerson CB (N.C. State)
36. Tennessee Titans - Eric Reid S (LSU)
37. Washington Redskins - Terrance Williams WR (Baylor)
38. Cincinnati Bengals - Kenny Vaccaro S (Texas)
39. Buffalo Bills - Tavon Austin WR (West Virginia)
40. Philadelphia Eagles - D.J. Fluker OT (Alabama)
41. New York Jets - T.J. McDonald S (USC)
42. Dallas Cowboys - Travis Frederick OG/C (Wisconsin)
43. St. Louis Rams - Sylvester Williams DT (North Carolina)
44. Cincinnati Bengals - Shayne Skov MLB (Stanford)
45. Arizona Cardinals - E.J. Manuel QB (Florida State)
46. Miami Dolphins - Carrington Byndom CB (Texas)
47. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Jesse Williams DT (Alabama)
48. Detroit Lions - Nickell Robey CB (USC)
49. San Diego Chargers - Brennan Williams OT (North Carolina)
50. Minnesota Vikings - Jordan Poyer CB (Oregon State)
51. Seattle Seahawks - Deandre Hopkins WR (Clemson)
52. Miami Dolphins - Tank Carradine DE (Florida State)
53. Pittsburgh Steelers - Corey Lemonier DE/OLB (Auburn)
54. Green Bay Packers - Tony Jefferson S (Oklahoma)
55. New England Patriots - John Simon DE (Ohio State)
56. Denver Broncos - Desmond Trufant CB (Washington)
57. New York Giants - Ricky Wagner OT (Wisconsin)
58. San Francisco - Khaled Holmes C (USC)
59. Baltimore Ravens - Cordarrelle Patterson WR (Tennessee)
60. Chicago Bears - Zach Ertz TE (Stanford)
61. Houston Texans - Oday Aboushi OT (West Virgnia)
62. Atlanta Falcons - Larry Warford OG (Kentucky)

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